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Javascript Question

Use 'on sent ok' action hook for two actions - Contact Form 7/WordPress

I need to use the

on sent ok
action hook for two actions 1) to track the email adress and 2) to send the user to a thank you page. I tried adding this into the 'Additional Settings' section on the Contact Form 7 panel but I am not sure if it works correctly. At least I got different results when using it with two different forms.

on_sent_ok: "fnTransaction('Contacted', 'userid=' + [your-email]);"

on_sent_ok: "location.replace('');"

Is it OK to use the action hook twice or can I combine this somehow? I'd appreciate your help!

Answer Source

couldn't you just call location.replace(''); inside the fnTransaction()-function?


write a new function that combines both:

on_sent_ok: "mySentOkFunction('Contacted', 'userid=' + [your-email]);"

function mySentOkFunction(param1, param2){
    fnTransaction(param1, param2);
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