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VSTS - Take app offline before deployment

I'm getting this problem using VSTS continuous deployment to azure

Web Deploy cannot modify the file 'XXX' on the destination because it is locked by an external process

the solution provided in this thread is to manually restart my app in azure, however he's not using VSTS and the question was asked 2 years ago, is this issue fixed on the current VSTS and if so, I would like to know how because I'm having the same problem as the link referenced above.


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You can use "EnableMSDeployAppOffline" feature to set your app offline before deployment by following the instruction here: Web publishing updates for app offline and usechecksum.

If it does not work, you can also create a PowerShell script as following to stop the app, deploy and then restart the app:

    param($websiteName, $packOutput)

    $website = Get-AzureWebsite -Name $websiteName

    # get the scm url to use with MSDeploy.  By default this will be the second in the array
    $msdeployurl = $website.EnabledHostNames[1]

    $publishProperties = @{'WebPublishMethod'='MSDeploy';

    Write-Output "Stopping web app..."
Stop-AzureWebsite -Name $websiteName

Write-Output "Publishing web app..."
$publishScript = "${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Microsoft\Web Tools\Publish\Scripts\default-publish.ps1"

. $publishScript -publishProperties $publishProperties  -packOutput $packOutput

Write-Output "Starting web app..."
Start-AzureWebsite -Name $websiteName

PowerShell Script from: Build and Deploy your ASP.NET 5 Application to an Azure Web App.

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