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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to solve error in LINQ: Data is null or empty

I have the following code. I want to check if the result is

with an if condition but it always shows an error. How to solve this?

string StrRefNo = Request.QueryString["ref"];
string[] SMSid = StrRefNo.Split('$');

DownloadsDbEntities db = new DownloadsDbEntities();
var data = (from d in db.SMSLink_Expiry
where d.RefNo == SMSid[0]
&& d.SMSLink.ID == Convert.ToInt32(SMSid[1])
select d).ToList();

if (data.Count > 0)
string ss = "yes";

The LINQ expression node type 'ArrayIndex' is not supported in LINQ to Entities.


Since the expression can not be translated into SQL, pull it out of the statement

string SMSId0 = SMSid[0];
int SMSId1 = Convert.ToInt32(SMSid[1]);

var data = (from d in db.SMSLink_Expiry
           where d.RefNo == SMSId0 
           && d.SMSLink.ID == SMSId1
           select d).ToList();