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C# Question

Graphical representation of SQL Server tables data in web application using C# or javascript

I have two tables in database


Projects table:

ProjectName | Team member
ProjectOne | Member1
ProjectOne | Member2
ProjectOne | Member3
ProjectOne | Member4

TeamMembers table:

TeamMember | Projects
Member1 | ProjectOne
Member2 | ProjectOne
Member3 | ProjectOne
Member1 | ProjectTwo
Member2 | ProjectTwo
Member3 | ProjectThree

I need to represent this data graphically so that it can display pictorially the various connections each team member has for different projects.

eg:- Member1 and Member2 are connected to both ProjectOne and ProjectTwo this connections sould be evident when they see the picture.

I looked at graphviz but there I need to supply the diagram relationship, but my relationships are not static they are dynamic depending on the data so I was not completely convinced about that approach.

The solution could be a pure server-side code c# or in java-script or Jquery, but should be easy to integrate in asp.net web application

Answer Source

I used d3.js and was able to solve my question.

Thank you all for your responses.

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