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Python Question

save pylint message to a file

Is there a built in way to save the pylint report to a file? It seems it might be useful to do this in order to log progress on a project and compare elements of reports across multiple files as changes are made.

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Note: This option is deprecated and it will be removed in Pylint 2.0.

You can use the --file-output=y command line option. Quoting the man page:

          Put messages in a separate file for each module / package speciā€
          fied  on  the  command  line instead of printing them on stdout.
          Reports  (if   any)   will   be   written   in   a   file   name
          "pylint_global.[txt|html]". [current: no]

The format of the output is specified by the --output-format=<format> option where format can be text, parseable, colorized, msvs (visual studio) and html.

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