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Android Question

TextInputLayout.setError() leaves empty space after clearing the error

I recently used

and it's
method. The problem I'm getting is, when I clear the error by calling
it leaves so much of empty space at the bottom.



With error:

With error

After clearing error:

After clearing error

After looking at the source, I found that they are making the view
instead of

.setListener(new ViewPropertyAnimatorListenerAdapter() {
public void onAnimationEnd(View view) {
view.setVisibility(INVISIBLE); // here it is

} }).start();

I'm wondering why is it so? How to resolve this to avoid the empty space?

Answer Source

Check out the docs for

public void setErrorEnabled (boolean enabled)

It says

Whether the error functionality is enabled or not in this layout. Enabling this functionality before setting an error message via setError(CharSequence), will mean that this layout will not change size when an error is displayed.

Well based on this, try setting setErrorEnabled(true) before setError().

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