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TypeScript Question

What does enclosing a class in angle brackets "<>" mean in TypeScript?

I am very new to TypeScript and I am loving it a lot, especially how easy it is to do OOP in Javascript. I am however stuck on trying to figure out the semantics when it comes to using angle brackets.

From their docs, I have seen several example like

interface Counter {
(start: number): string;
interval: number;
reset(): void;

function getCounter(): Counter {
let counter = <Counter>function (start: number) { };
counter.interval = 123;
counter.reset = function () { };
return counter;


interface Square extends Shape, PenStroke {
sideLength: number;

let square = <Square>{};

I am having trouble understanding what this exactly means or the way to think of/understand it.

Could someone please explain it to me?

Answer Source

That's called Type Assertion or casting.

These are the same:

let square = <Square>{};
let square = {} as Square;


interface Props {
    x: number;
    y: number;
    name: string;

let a = {};
a.x = 3; // error: Property 'x' does not exist on type `{}`

So you can do:

let a = {} as Props;
a.x = 3;


let a = <Props> {};
let a: Props = {};

Which will do the same

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