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Issue with setState in React and React-Draggable

I am having difficulties with the setState function in react. I am using the react-draggable package and I can drag my div around but it doesn't appear to be setting the x y coordinates when I release the mouse button, so the div just snaps back to where it was. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here with the onControlledDrag? Thanks!

export class DraggableAnswer extends React.Component {
constructor(props, context) {
super(props, context);

this.controlledPosition ={ x: -25, y: 10};
onControlledDrag(e, position) {
const {x, y} = position;
controlledPosition: {x: x, y: y}

render() {
const dragHandlers = {onStart: this.onStart, onStop: this.onStop};

return (
<div className="draggableAnswerBlock">
<div className="box">
Change my position

Answer Source

in the constructor it should be:

constructor(props, context) {
  super(props, context);

  this.state = { controlledPosition: { x: -25, y: 10} };

and then in the return you should pass this.state.controlledPosition into Draggable. Right now this.controlledPosition never updates so it will reset when the drag is done.

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