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Chrome 27: New Tab Page extension can't steal focus from Omnibox

With Chrome 27, it seems that extensions that override Chrome's New Tab Page can't take focus away from Chrome's Omnibox like they used to in previous versions of Chrome.

Is there a new way to focus an input box in a New Tab Page, or has this functionality been disabled completely? :(

To test this, create an extension folder with three files:

1. manifest.json:

"name": "Focus Test",
"version": "0",
"minimum_chrome_version": "27",
"chrome_url_overrides": {
"newtab": "newTab.html"
"manifest_version": 2

2. focus.js:


3. newTab.html:

<input id="foo" type="text" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="focus.js"></script>

Then, when you load the extension and open a new tab, the input field does not get focused on the new tab page.

I have also tried adding the
attribute to the
field, but no luck either. The extension's new tab page can't take focus away from Chrome's Omnibox.

Any ideas? Is this a bug or a new "feature"?

Answer Source

As per the Chrome Extension Documentation,

Don't rely on the page having the keyboard focus. The address bar always gets the focus first when the user creates a new tab.

See reference here: Override Pages

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