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C# File Path encoding and decoding

I am looking for a simple method to encode/escape and decode/unescape file paths (illegal characters in file paths


does its job, except it does not encode the

All I could find was escaping with regex, or just replacing the illegal chars with

I want to be able to encode/decode consistently.

I want to know if there's a pre-defined way to do that or I just need to write some code to encode and another piece to decode.


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I've never tried anything like this before, so I threw this together:

static class PathEscaper
    static readonly string invalidChars = @"""\/?:<>*|";
    static readonly string escapeChar = "%";

    static readonly Regex escaper = new Regex(
        "[" + Regex.Escape(escapeChar + invalidChars) + "]",
    static readonly Regex unescaper = new Regex(
        Regex.Escape(escapeChar) + "([0-9A-Z]{4})",

    public static string Escape(string path)
        return escaper.Replace(path,
            m => escapeChar + ((short)(m.Value[0])).ToString("X4"));

    public static string Unescape(string path)
        return unescaper.Replace(path,
            m => ((char)Convert.ToInt16(m.Groups[1].Value, 16)).ToString());

It replaces any forbidden character with a % followed by its 16-bit representation in hex, and back. (You could probably get away with an 8-bit representation for the specific characters you have but I thought I'd err on the safe side.)

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