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C# WPF set bound checkbox to checked by default

I have a checkbox with it's

property bound already.

Content="Sort Variables"
IsChecked="{Binding SortVariables}"

I need it to be checked by default on form load. I've seen that having the
property set to
will achieve this, but I will lose the binding then.

How do I do this? I'm very new to WPF so forgive me if it's an easy solution.

Edit: I have figured out why the below code was not working on form load, and it's because I did not have it in the Default constructor. Moving it there does the trick. I had a feeling it was something trivial (and stupid on my part). Thanks for the help!

DataCompareVM dcvm = new DataCompareVM(dataset1FullPath, dataset2FullPath);
dcvm.SortVariables = true;
DataContext = dcvm;

Answer Source

You need to set the SortVariables on your DataContext.

In your xaml.cs file, look for code that looks like:

this.DataContext = something;

and change it to:

something.SortVariables = true;
this.DataContext = something;
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