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Counting items inside tuples in Python

I am fairly new to python and I could not figure out how to do the following.

I have a list of (word, tag) tuples

a = [('Run', 'Noun'),('Run', 'Verb'),('The', 'Article'),('Run', 'Noun'),('The', 'DT')]

I am trying to find all tags that has been assigned to each word and collect their counts. For example, word "run" has been tagged twice to 'Noun' and once to 'Verb'.

To clarify: I would like to create another list of tuples that contains (word, tag, count)

Answer Source

You can use collections.Counter:

>>> import collections

>>> a = [('Run', 'Noun'),('Run', 'Verb'),('The', 'Article'),('Run', 'Noun'),('The', 'DT')]
>>> counter = collections.Counter(a)
Counter({('Run', 'Noun'): 2, ('Run', 'Verb'): 1, ... })

>>> result = {}
>>> for (tag, word), count in counter.items():
...     result.setdefault(tag, []).append({word: count})

>>> print(result)
{'Run': [{'Noun': 2}, {'Verb': 1}], 'The': [{'Article': 1}, {'DT': 1}]}
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