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How can I use a nested for loop to improve this function?

I am wondering how I should use a nested for loop to improve the readability of this function. Perhaps I could use a

nested for loop
tags_files =

def search_repotag_for_file(search_filepath, repo):
'''Goes through all tags, all files to find a github file entity
which matches the search_filepath we are looking for'''
all_tags = (tag for tag in repo.tags)
tags_files = ((tag, file_ent) for tag in all_tags for file_ent in tag.commit.tree.traverse())
matches = (tup for tup in tags_files if tup[1].path == search_filepath)
return matches

Answer Source

Let me rewrite your function for you:

def search_repotag_for_file(search_filepath, repo):
    for tag in repo.tags:
        for file_ent in tag.commit.tree.traverse():
            if file_ent.path == search_filepath:
                yield (tag, file_ent)

The keyword you are looking for is yield

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