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Scala Question

Doing something like Python's "import" in Scala

Is it possible to use Scala's

without specifying a main function in an object, and without using the
keyword in the source file with the code you wish to import?

Some explanation: In Python, I can define some functions in some file "Lib.py", write

from Lib import *

in some other file "Run.py" in the same directory, use the functions from Lib in Run, and then run Run with the command
python Run.py
. This workflow is ideal for small scripts that I might write in an hour.

In Scala, it appears that if I want to include functions from another file, I need to start wrapping things in superfluous objects. I would rather not do this.

Answer Source

Writing Python in Scala is unlikely to yield satisfactory results. Objects are not "superfluous" -- it's your program that is not written in an object oriented way.

First, methods must be inside objects. You can place them inside a package object, and they'll then be visible to anything else that is inside the package of the same name.

Second, if one considers solely objects and classes, then all package-less objects and classes whose class files are present in the classpath, or whose scala files are compiled together, will be visible to each other.

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