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How to show image from storage folder in Laravel 5.3?

I have a folder in Laravel 5.3 project located in storage and it contains image files.

How can i show image from that folder?

I have all the names with


I can't access them in the usual way due to a folder permissions and i don't want to change them.
I also don't want to put the files in Public directory.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

You could write a controller function to return the image...something like:

public function image($file){
    $image = storage_path('images/' . $file);

    if(!File::exists( $image ))

    // using Intervention Image package
    return Image::make($image)->response('jpg');

    // using Laravel file response
    $headers = ['Content-Type' => 'image/jpeg'];
    return response()->file($image, $headers);

Of course this is very bare bones...you could spruce it up to resize on demand, examine mime types and return the correct response type based on that, etc.

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