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R Question

Generate random dummy under constraints

I have trouble generating the following dummy-variables in R under certain conditions.


I would like to generate the column var3 under the following rules:

  • if var2="val2" OR var2="val3" then var3=1

  • if var2="val1" AND var1="a" then has to assign randomly n times (let's say 3) the value 1 otherwise 0.

  • if var2="val1" AND var1!="a" then var3=1

What I'm trying to do is to exclude randomly some rows (marked with 0) under defined conditions.

Can somebody help me, please?

Answer Source

Seems like you can start by making all var3 1 and then making only the ones that meet second condition zero

db$var3 = 1
x = which(db$var2 == "val1" & db$var1 == "a") #Get indices where 2nd condition is met
db$var3[sample(x, length(x) - 3)] = 0 #Assign 0 all indices in x except 3
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