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Accessing specific part of object

I have an object I am trying to access and this is the


object(GDS\Entity)#16 (5)
string(13) "User Sessions" ["str_key_id":"GDS\Entity":private]=>
string(16) "5649391675244544" ["str_key_name":"GDS\Entity":private]=>
NULL ["mix_ancestry":"GDS\Entity":private]=>
NULL ["arr_data":"GDS\Entity":private]=>
array(1) {
["session_id"]=> string(3) "123"

I know if I wanted to get the
and this object was stored in
I would just do

But I am trying to get the
str_key_id (5649391675244544)
but I can't figure out how to access it.

Could anyone help me figure it out?

Tom Tom
Answer Source

It's as simple as


(Think you've already picked this up on GitHub ;)


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