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Scala Question

How can two columns in a SparkSQL dataframe be coalesced?

I have a Spark SQL dataframe that looks like this:"FirstName","F_Name","Dept").show()

Alfred |null |c1
null |Jarvis|c2
Jeeves |null |c1

I want to be able to coalesce FirstName and F_Name so that I can have a table that looks like this:

Name |Dept

I tried using coalesce as such but didn't work:"coalesec(FirstName,F_Name) as Name","Dept").show()

Either PySpark or Scala way of doing this would greatly help.

Thanks a bunch.

Answer Source

The coalesce function is exactly what you are looking for"FirstName"),df.col("F_Name")).alias("Name"), df.col("Dept")).show() 
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