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Git undo merge attempt

I have working directory (#1) which has vendor directory(#2) in it. There is one dependency which I wanted to pull manually without composer (php version of npm/gem). I was working in #1, haven't saved/commited changes, when I decided I want to update library in #2. I navigated to vendor/myname, and did git pull repository.

Unfortunately it started to pull and merge to #1, instead of creating new directory in vendor folder.

Now I have:

  • #1 folder with my changes

  • #1 folder with files I don't want from wrong repository

  • #1 merge conflicts such as composer.json, Readme.md... (general files)

I want to "undo" this last git pull without loosing any changes I did to folder #1. How can I do this?

Answer Source

git merge --abort might be what you're looking for.

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