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C# Question

How to get video duration from mp4, wmv, flv, mov videos

Alright. Actually i need mostly the mp4 format. But if it is possible to get for other types as well that would be nice. I just need to read the duration of the file. How can i do that with C# 4.0 ?

So the thing i need is like this video is like :

13 minutes 12 seconds

I can use 3 third party exes too. Like they save the information about the file to a text file. I can parse that text file.

Thank you.

Answer Source

You can use DirectShow API MediaDet object, through DirectShow.NET wrapper library. See Getting length of video for code sample, get_StreamLength gets you the duration in seconds. This assumes Windows has MPEG-4 demultiplexer installed (requires third party components with Windows prior to 7, I believe the same applies to another answer by cezor, there are free to redistribute components though).

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