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Set navigation item title on a TableViewController child of UISideMenuNavigationController not working

I am trying to set a title to my rootViewController programmatically but it is not working.

func configurarMenuRightNavigationController() {

SideMenuManager.menuFadeStatusBar = false

let menuRightNavigationController = storyboard!.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: "RightMenuNavigationController") as! UISideMenuNavigationController

//let menuRightNavigationController = UISideMenuNavigationController(rootViewController: YourViewController)
// UISideMenuNavigationController is a subclass of UINavigationController, so do any additional configuration
// of it here like setting its viewControllers. If you're using storyboards, you'll want to do something like:

SideMenuManager.menuRightNavigationController = menuRightNavigationController

SideMenuManager.menuRightNavigationController?.viewControllers[0].navigationItem.title = "Teste"

SideMenuManager.menuPresentMode = .viewSlideOut

The title doesn't change.

It works when I try in another project without Side Menu on a regular UINavigationController.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Answer Source

It worked when I created a custom UITableViewController and set it as the view controller of the Table View Controller on the Storyboard.

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