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Remove scrollbars from textarea

Following up to my previous question (Add a scrollbar to a <textarea>) on how to always see the scrollbar in a

, I am now wondering how you would set it so that there is no scrollbar in the
, even when the text overflows. To scroll down with this, you would use the arrow keys or the mouse to navigate through the text.

How can I do this?

Answer Source

Try the following, not sure which will work for all browsers or the browser you are working with, but it would be best to try all:

<textarea style="overflow:auto"></textarea>


<textarea style="overflow:hidden"></textarea>

...As suggested above

You can also try adding this, I never used it before, just saw it posted on a site today:

<textarea style="resize:none"></textarea>

This last option would remove the ability to resize the textarea. You can find more information on the CSS resize property here

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