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List of strings, get common substring of n elements, Python

My problem is maybe similar to this, but another situation.
Consider this list in input :


And the other input is n,n is a number, the dimension of the substring in common in every element of the list. So the output has to be the maximum occorence substring with the number of occorences, similar to this:

{'CCC' : 4}

becouse in the first element of list are twice, and one time in the other two strings.
becouse is the longhest substring with 3 elements,that repeats at least 1 time per string
I started in that way :

def get_n_repeats_list(n,seq_list):
for i in range(0,len(list_seq)):
if i+1<len(list_seq):
#Idea : to get elements in common,comparing two strings at time
return max_substring

Maybe here a solution

Answer Source

So this is my take on it. It is definitely not the prettiest thing on the planet but it should work just fine.


def occur(the_list, a_substr):
    i_found = 0
    for a_string in the_list:
        for i_str in range(len(a_string) - len(a_substr) + 1):
            #print('Comparing {:s} to {:s}'.format(substr, a_string[i_str:i_str + len(substr)]))
            if a_substr == a_string[i_str:i_str + len(a_substr)]:
                i_found += 1
    return i_found

def found_str(original_List, n):
    result_dict = {}
    if n > len(min(original_List)):
        print("The substring has to be shorter than the shortest string!")
    specialChar = '|'
    b = specialChar.join(item for item in original_List)
    str_list = []
    for i in range(len(b) - n):
        currStr = b[i:i+n]
        if specialChar not in currStr:
    str_list = set(str_list)

    for sub_strs in str_list:
        i_found = 0
        for strs in original_List:
            if sub_strs in strs:
                i_found += 1

        if i_found == len(original_List):
            #print("entered with sub = {:s}".format(sub_strs))
            #print(occur(original_List, sub_strs))
            result_dict[sub_strs] = occur(original_List, sub_strs)

    if result_dict == {}:
        print("No common substings of length {:} were found".format(n))

    return result_dict

end = found_str(a, 3)

returns: {'CCC': 4}

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