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Exception in delivering result of invoking 'createUser'

So i'm having trouble invoking the standard Meteor Accounts.createUser function. I'm trying to implement an accounts system using the meteor accounts-base and accounts-password packages. The project is on Meteor 1.3 with React.

When i invoke Accounts.createUser(userObject), i get "Exception in delivering result of invoking 'createUser'" with some cryptic mess behind it.

My code:

onSignUp(e) {

let email = $("[name=email]").val(),
password = $("[name=password]").val(),
confirmPassword = $("[name=confirmPassword]").val();

if (password == confirmPassword) {
mail: email,
password: password
}, function(error){
if (error) {
Bert.alert( err.reason, 'danger', 'growl-top-right' );
} else {
Bert.alert( "Welcome!", 'success', 'growl-top-right');


This is currently in my client folder but i tried moving the createAccount call to a server side method but it gives me the same error.

I tried running Meteor in debug mode but i'm having trouble understanding what's happening. From what i could understand while logging in there was either no result or the log in could not be validated.

Any help is much appreciated.

Answer Source


    mail: email,
    password: password


        email: email,      //email
        password: password,
        profile :'default-group',

Also, shift the account creation code to server side.

Refer : Meteor Docs

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