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Android Question

Disable scrolling of a ListView contained within a ScrollView

I want to show a Profile screen for my users.

It must have three views (2

and a
) and a
to show the content made by that user.

However, I don't want the
to scroll. Instead, I want it to be as big as needed, and to put all my views inside a
, so the three first views scroll out with the
. This, of course, does not work as intended.

All my three items are inside a
. I thought of making them the first item in the
, but this leads to them being selectable as the first item, and having to do some unneeded coding.

Is there a way to do this the easy way or will I have to stick with making the Layout the first item in my ListView?

Answer Source

Adding them to the ListView as first Item seems like a pretty good solution.

To make the View unselectable just get the view and .setClickable(false).

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