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Posting JSON objects to Symfony 2

I'm working on a project using Symfony 2, I've built a bundle to handle all my database services which passes JSON data back and forward.

My Problem/Question:

  • Is it possible to post a straight up JSON object? Currently I'm spoofing a normal form post for my ajax calls by giving the object a name
    if I don't give it a name I can't seem to get the data from the Symfony request object
    $JSON = $request->request->get('json');

  • I want to be able to use the one service bundle to handle both data coming from AJAX calls, or a normal Symfony form. Currently I'm taking the submitted Symfony form, getting the data then using JSON_ENCODE, I just can't work out how to post the data through to my services controller which is expecting request data.

To summarise:

  • I want Symfony to accept a JSON post object rather than a form.

  • I want to pass the JSON object between controllers using Request/Response

If I'm going about this all wrong, feel free to tell me so!

Answer Source

If you want to retrieve data in your controller that's been sent as standard JSON in the request body, you can do something similar to the following:

public function yourAction()
    $params = array();
    $content = $this->get("request")->getContent();
    if (!empty($content))
        $params = json_decode($content, true); // 2nd param to get as array

Now $params will be an array full of your JSON data. Remove the true parameter value in the json_decode() call to get a stdClass object.

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