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Laravel pagination using double eager loading

I'm using the following code in my ForumController:

public function boardIndex($id)
$container = ForumBoard::with([
'topics' => function($query)
$query->orderBy('created_at', 'desc');
'children' => function($query)
$query->orderBy('position', 'asc');

return view('forum.board.index', compact('container'));

It works as expected, I can manually paginate by appending
to the end of the url, however if I want to render the paginator in my view using
{!! $container->topics->render() !!}
I get the following error:

ErrorException in Macroable.php line 81:
Method render does not exist. (View: C:\xampp\htdocs\see\resources\views\forum\board\index.blade.php)


Thanks for the help!
Here's my final, working code (it's even using only 4 database queries instead of 5):

public function boardIndex($id)
$board = ForumBoard::findOrFail($id);
$topics = $board->topics()->latest()->paginate(11);
$children = $board->children()->oldest('position')->get();

return view('forum.board.index', compact('board', 'topics', 'children'));

Answer Source

I could not find the Paginator instance anywhere.

Apparently when you paginate inside the closure, only the paginated results are stored.

I came up with a solution that in my opinion is not elegant but may prove helpful:

public function index()
    $descendantPaginator = null;
    $user = User::with([
        'descendants' => function ($query) use (&$descendantPaginator) {
            $query->orderBy('created_at', 'DESC');
            $descendantPaginator = $query->paginate(10);

    return view('home.index', compact('user', 'descendantPaginator'));

In your view:

{!! $descendantPaginator->links() !!}

I recommend the following strategy instead:

public function index()
    $user = User::findOrFail(1);
    $descendants = $user->descendants()->latest()->paginate(10);
    return view('home.index', compact('user', 'descendants'));

Then in your view:

{!! $descendants->links() !!}
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