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Objective-C Question

Correctly Allocating / Deallocating UINavigationControllerDelagate

I have a

that needs to make use of the
, specifically the

I am setting
in my implementation, then I am setting the delegate to self in
self.navigationController.delegate = self;
). Then I implement the
method and it works fine, however when the view controller is popped off the stack, there is a memory leak and my app is crashing. I've tried doing
self.navigationController.delegate = nil;
in both
but it doesn't help matters.

What is the correct way I can implement this delegate for use in just one of my viewcontrollers?

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viewDidUnload will not necessarily ever be called (it's mostly for handling low memory conditions) and by the time dealloc is called, the view controller is probably no longer contained in the navigation controller, so self.navigationController would be nil.

I'd suggest setting the delegate to nil in your viewWillDisappear: implementation (and setting it in viewWillAppear: instead of viewDidLoad).

Btw, you're seeing the exact opposite of a memory leak here. A memory leak would be memory that cannot be reached anymore and will never be freed. Here you have memory that has already been freed (your view controller), but is still referenced by a (dangling) pointer, leading to the crash. A real leak would usually not result directly in a crash.

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