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SQL Question

How get only ID from long string in SQL Server

in the below string, I need your help in order to know how I can get or select only

) using a T-SQL query?


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If you REALLY don't want to use the function as suggested by Prdp (which is honestly the right way to go), you can do something like below

Declare @YourTable table (ID int,SomeString varchar(max))
Insert into @YourTable values

Select A.ID
      ,GUIDs = B.RetVal 
 From @YourTable A
 Cross Apply (
                Select RetSeq = Row_Number() over (Order By (Select null))
                      ,RetVal = LTrim(RTrim(B.i.value('(./text())[1]', 'varchar(max)')))
                From (Select x = Cast('<x>'+ Replace(A.SomeString,'#','</x><x>')+'</x>' as xml).query('.')) as A 
                Cross Apply x.nodes('x') AS B(i)

             ) B Where Len(RetVal)=36


1   A5257199-8B09-44F1-8073-C5D5F02126F9
1   A5A5B2F2-1B87-4B0E-85B6-16A287814574
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