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Python Question

create_or_get with data from user input

Trying to implement a user registration form on a website I can't make user input to be added as a new user to the database. I'm using Flask with Peewee, and have:

nUser ={
'email': request.form['e_mail'],
'uname': request.form['username'],
'pword': request.form['password'],
'time': strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')

nUser = User.create_or_get()

where nUser is temporary dict for new user. I should mention, that with the official peewee docs I tried
nUser, created = User.create_or_get(nUser)
what returned an error of too many arguments.

A code about
class is below (stored in separate .py, but there is
from models import *
up there):

class User(Model):

class Meta:
database = db

Although it looks like it "works" from a webuser side, no record is added to the database. Previously I did it with
and it worked, but now I would like to switch to
method since it would shorten my code and looks more efficient. Logging in for old users works, so the connection and access to the DB is fine. I would appreciate any hints.


Thanks to @Daniel Roseman the final query would be (if anyone in the future will need it):

nUser, created = User.create_or_get(**nUser)

Answer Source

The official documentation that you link to show that create_or_get takes keyword arguments only. To pass a dict, you need to use the ** syntax:

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