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Node.js Question

libsass bindings not found when using node-sass in nodejs

I want to use the

module in my
node.js v0.12
application to benefit from the performance of

I executed
npm i node-sass
to install the module, no errors so far.

Now the mess starts:

If I just open the
in a terminal to try out
then everything works fine but if I include it in my project files and run
node myfile.js
then I get the following error message:

Error: `libsass` bindings not found. Try reinstalling `node-sass`?

The module's description at states that there might be a problem with resolving
#!/usr/bin/env node
under Ubuntu and how to fix this but that is not the case on my machine.

I could not find anything useful so I hope that you might help me.

I'm using node v0.12.2 under Ubuntu 14.10.

P.S.: I already tried to reinstall node-sass but without success. Nothing changes.

Answer Source

You’ve probably tried to reinstall node-sass while using

npm install node-sass


npm uninstall node-sass
npm install node-sass

But node-sass is a C version of Sass. You have to use npm rebuild:

npm rebuild node-sass
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