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How to exit from the search on clicking on Cancel button?

I have a search bar with cancel button. But when I click on Cancel button it doesn't close the search bar. How can I make that on click on Cancel it will return search bar to the first state?

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You need to implement the UISearchBarDelegate :

class ViewController: UIViewController, UISearchBarDelegate {
    @IBOutlet weak var searchBar: UISearchBar!

Set the search bar delegate to self

 override func viewDidLoad() {

        searchBar.showsCancelButton = true
        searchBar.delegate = self

and then implement the butCancelSearchAction delegate function to do whatever you need to do to cancel the search action and reset the search text:

func searchBar(searchBar: UISearchBar, textDidChange searchText: String) {
    // Do some search stuff

func searchBarCancelButtonClicked(searchBar: UISearchBar) {
    // Stop doing the search stuff
    // and clear the text in the search bar
    searchBar.text = ""
    // Hide the cancel button
    searchBar.showsCancelButton = false
    // You could also change the position, frame etc of the searchBar 
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