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jQuery Question

How to replace lookbehind PHP structure of Regex into Javascript?

I have built Regex which is working properly with php , but not working in Javascript due to Invalid group structure error.

I know it is because Javascript does not support Lookbehind expressions. I tried to convert it but not able to do so.

Regex link :

Regex Expression : (?<=^| )(.\d+)?(?=$| )|(?<=^| ).\d+(?=$| )

Acceptance Criteria : Values should lie between 0 and 1 and should start with decimal point

Valid entries

  • .20

  • 0

  • 1

  • .1

Invalid Entries

  • 1.20

  • 1.0

  • 0.20

  • 2

This scenarios working properly with PHP Regex Expression , but not with Javascript due to errors.

How should i convert it to Javascript OR any alternate expression to achieve my scenario ?


Answer Source

This can be done easily as mentioned in comments but let's modify your regex. (Your match is in first capturing group)


Regex Demo

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