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jQuery Question

How to access dropdown text (not value) using Request.Form()?

I am working on MVC 4.0.

I need to access my dropdown box Text (not value) using Request.Form("ddlId") in my controller code.

and display the selected info on confirmation page of registration.

i.e. lets consider I am having Country dropbox as below.

<select data-val="true" data-val-required="Required" id="CountryId" name="CountryId" style="width:210px"><option value="">--Select--</option><option value="1">USA</option><option value="2">UK</option></select>

now, in controller when i use,

objWizard.CountryId = Request.Form["CountryId"];

I got the value of COuntry dropbox, not the text selected by user.

How can i select text of dropbox using Request.Form(...)????

Or any alternative........

My jquery code is as below.

$.post( '@Url.Action("ConfirmDetails", "Wizard")', $("form").serialize(), function (r)
// inject response in confirmation step

Answer Source

i'll assume that you are posting a form and that look likes

<select id="CountryId">
  <option value=1>US</option>
  <option value=2>UK</option>
<input type="submit" value="submit" id="btnSubmit"/>

on form submit cancel the default behavior

//now make a hidden field here and put the text of selected option in that 
var selectedOption = $("#CountryId option:selected").text();
// now post the form 
$.post( '@Url.Action("ConfirmDetails", "Wizard")', $("form").serialize(),function (r)
   // inject response in confirmation step

in the controller

public ActionResult ConfirmDetails()

   var countryName = Request.Form["CountryName"];
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