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jQuery Question

jQuery: get each element's width and sum them up

How can I get each element's width and sum them up?

For instance, here is the HTML:

<div id="container">
<div class="block-item" style="width:10px"></div>
<div class="block-item" style="width:50px"></div>
<div class="block-item" style="width:90px"></div>

I can think of looping through each element, but how do I sum the numbers up?

$('.block-item').each(function(index) {

I want to get the total number of
150 (10 + 50 + 90)


Answer Source

Use parseInt(value, radix):

var totalWidth = 0;

$('.block-item').each(function(index) {
    totalWidth += parseInt($(this).width(), 10);

Here's an example fiddle.

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