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Can iPhone apps start on start-up?

I've answered two different questions now, both explaining how VOIP apps don't start on start-up, yet people seem to think they do.

I'm not 100% sure myself, someone linked me to a part of the apple docs, which doesn't really mention anything about auto-starting of apps.

I was originally going on prior knowledge and this answer, but after another person saying that they do, I'm really not sure.

As far as I'm aware, apps only react to push notifications, and can't be launched into the background when a device is turned on.

Can we please clarify whether it is possible to auto-start an app or not?

Tim Tim
Answer Source

Take a look at the UIBackgroundModes section in this document - it seems to state that adding the voip key will autostart an app on boot.

Edit: a sample app seems to confirm this behavior.

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