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Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.ServiceHosting.Tools

I just got a new workstation set up and I installed VS 2013 with Windows Azure SDK 2.3 first. But then I realized that our project was built upon Windows Azure SDK 2.2. So I uninstalled the SDK 2.3 and then installed 2.2. After that, I got the project from TFS and tried to run it and there was a problem:

Cannot debug the project because some run time file was missing.

So I tried to repair it by uninstalling Windows Azure SDK 2.2 completely and repair my VisualStudio.
But now I get this error message:

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.ServiceHosting.Tools, Version=, Culture =neutral, PublicKeyToken=232wedsfd3f4' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

I looked through the project and there wasn't any reference of Miscrosoft.ServiceHosting. And the database and cloud are working. No idea what happened in the machine since Azure is a new field for me. Does anybody ever meet the same problem?

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I finally solve the problem! But I won't delete the post because I think some other people might meet the same problem.

My problem was caused by OS (Win8.1 Ultimate) which doesn't support Hyper-V so that Azure Emulator couldn't be installed. After installing Windows Pro or Enterprise the problem will be solved!

Hopefully can help somebody who run into the same problem as me.