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How to draw a circle diagram looking like a clock face using UIKit

I've been trying to figure this out for too long. With the help of this blog I managed to draw the diagram itself, but it can't show me any data, because it seems like my idea of creating a context array is not possible and I can have only one context per view, is that right? So how can I change the color of each marker individually? I've seen the solution using SpriteKit, but I don't know anything at all about SpriteKit.

func degree2Radian(a:CGFloat)->CGFloat {
let b = CGFloat(M_PI) * a/180
return b

override func draw(_ rect: CGRect) {
pathForCircleCenteredAtPoint(midPoint: circleCenter, withRadius: circleRadius).stroke()
color = UIColor.white
pathForCircleCenteredAtPoint(midPoint: CGPoint(x: bounds.midX, y: bounds.midY), withRadius: circleRadius).fill()
color = UIColor(red: 0.93, green: 0.93, blue: 0.94, alpha: 1)
let ctx = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext()
for i in 0...100 {
secondMarkers(ctx: ctx!, x: circleCenter.x, y: circleCenter.y, radius: circleRadius - 4, sides: 100, color: color)

func degree2radian(a:CGFloat)->CGFloat {
let b = CGFloat(M_PI) * a/180
return b

func circleCircumferencePoints(sides:Int,x:CGFloat,y:CGFloat,radius:CGFloat,adjustment:CGFloat=0)->[CGPoint] {
let angle = degree2radian(a: 360/CGFloat(sides))
let cx = x // x origin
let cy = y // y origin
let r = radius // radius of circle
var i = sides
var points = [CGPoint]()
while points.count <= sides {
let xpo = cx - r * cos(angle * CGFloat(i)+degree2radian(a: adjustment))
let ypo = cy - r * sin(angle * CGFloat(i)+degree2radian(a: adjustment))
points.append(CGPoint(x: xpo, y: ypo))
i -= 1;
return points

func secondMarkers(ctx:CGContext, x:CGFloat, y:CGFloat, radius:CGFloat, sides:Int, color:UIColor) {
// retrieve points
let points = circleCircumferencePoints(sides: sides,x: x,y: y,radius: radius)
// create path

// determine length of marker as a fraction of the total radius
var divider:CGFloat = 1/16
//for p in points {
let path = CGMutablePath()
divider = 1/10

let xn = points[counter].x + divider * (x-points[counter].x)
let yn = points[counter].y + divider * (y-points[counter].y)
// build path
path.move(to: CGPoint(x: points[counter].x, y: points[counter].y))
//path, nil, p.x, p.y)
path.addLine(to: CGPoint(x: xn, y: yn))
//CGPathAddLineToPoint(path, nil, xn, yn)
// add path to context
counter += 1
// set path color

So basically I'm trying to append context for each marker to an array, but when I draw one element of this array, it draws the whole diagram. This is what I need to achieve.

Answer Source

You shouldn't need to create more than one CGContext - you should just be reusing the same one to draw all graphics. Also, your method to calculate the secondMarkers seems unnecessarily complex. I believe this does what you want:

private func drawTicks(context: CGContext, tickCount: Int, center: CGPoint, startRadius: CGFloat, endRadius: CGFloat, ticksToColor: Int) {
  for i in 0 ... tickCount {
    let color: UIColor = i < ticksToColor ? .blue : .lightGray
    let angle = .pi - degree2Radian(a: (CGFloat(360.0) / CGFloat(tickCount)) * CGFloat(i))
    let path = CGMutablePath()
    path.move(to: circleCircumferencePoint(center: center, angle: angle, radius: startRadius))
    path.addLine(to: circleCircumferencePoint(center: center, angle: angle, radius: endRadius))

private func circleCircumferencePoint(center: CGPoint, angle: CGFloat, radius: CGFloat) -> CGPoint {
  return CGPoint(x: radius * sin(angle) + center.x, y: radius * cos(angle) + center.y)
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