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C# Question

Why is there no Char.Empty like String.Empty?

Is there a reason for this? I am asking this because if you needed to use lots of empty char, then you get into the same situation as you would when you use lots of empty strings.

Edit: The reason for this usage was this:

myString.Replace ('c', '')

So remove all instances of 'c's from myString.

Answer Source

There's no such thing as an empty char. The closest you can get is '\0', the Unicode "null" character. Given that you can embed that within string literals or express it on its own very easily, why would you want a separate field for it? Equally, the "it's easy to confuse "" and " "" arguments don't apply for '\0'.

If you could give an example of where you'd want to use it and why you think it would be better, that might help...

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