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Create application link to Skype profile

I'd like to create an application link in HTML to a Skype profile. I've found that you can do the following:

<a href="skype:profile_name">Link to my profile</a>

But this seems to trigger a Skype call to that profile. I'd just want the option to browse the profile or add them as a contact, how can I do this?

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This doesn't seem to be very well documented, but there are ways to specify an action for a Skype profile link. This is the syntax


Examples of such actions are

  • call to call
  • chat to chat
  • voicemail to leave a voice mail
  • sendfile to send a file
  • add to add to contacts
  • userinfo to view profile

In this case then, the link to view the profile would look like this

<a href="skype:profile_name?userinfo">Link to my profile</a>

Edit: Here's the Skype URIs page on MSDN:

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