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Node.js Question

How to test aws lambda functions locally

I have a mobile application backend developed with node.js express. I tried it to deploy it as lambda service. For that I created a Serverless Framework project ( Previously I tested mobile app locally by starting express backend application. Now I can't find a method to test my mobile app locally without local backend.

jaws run
command only run once I called it.

Is there any method to start the lambda function as a web service? Or is there any alternative to Serverless Framework?

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It doesn't look like there's way to do this right now, but version 1.4.0 is about to be released and, among other things, it should include a new command "jaws serve" which should address your problem.

Here's the PR:

UPDATE: you can now use the new serverless-serve plugin for this.

UPDATE 2: serverless-serve hasn't been updated in a while, it looks like serverless-offline is a much better option now to emulate Lambda functions.

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