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Markdown syntax coloring for less (pager)

When I use vim to edit a markdown file I have nice syntax coloring (via vim-markdown and vim-markdown-preview plug-ins).

I would like to have this same syntax coloring when I am using less (pager) to view a file. Is there a way to get less to do this syntax coloring? or is there another pager that has this functionality?

Answer Source

less itself doesn't support syntax highlighting, but you could use GNU-source-highlight which does.

First, you'd need to install it. E.g., on RHEL/Centos/Fedora (as root):

$ yum install source-highlight

On Debian/Ubuntu

$ apt-get source-highlight

Then configure your pager to use it:

$ export LESSOPEN="| /usr/bin/ %s"
$ export LESS=" -R"

Now, it should just replace less:

$ less # pager with syntax highlighting
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