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Aggregate function to data frame in pandas

I want to create a dataframe from an aggregate function. I thought that it would create by default a dataframe as this solution states, but it creates a series and I don't know why (Converting a Pandas GroupBy object to DataFrame).

The dataframe is from Kaggle's San Francisco Salaries. My code:


in: type(df)
out: pandas.core.frame.DataFrame

in: df.head()
out: EmployeeName JobTitle TotalPay TotalPayBenefits Year Status 2BasePay 2OvertimePay 2OtherPay 2Benefits 2Year
0 NATHANIEL FORD GENERAL MANAGER-METROPOLITAN TRANSIT AUTHORITY 567595.43 567595.43 2011 NaN 167411.18 0.00 400184.25 NaN 2011-01-01
1 GARY JIMENEZ CAPTAIN III (POLICE DEPARTMENT) 538909.28 538909.28 2011 NaN 155966.02 245131.88 137811.38 NaN 2011-01-01
2 ALBERT PARDINI CAPTAIN III (POLICE DEPARTMENT) 335279.91 335279.91 2011 NaN 212739.13 106088.18 16452.60 NaN 2011-01-01
3 CHRISTOPHER CHONG WIRE ROPE CABLE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 332343.61 332343.61 2011 NaN 77916.00 56120.71 198306.90 NaN 2011-01-01
4 PATRICK GARDNER DEPUTY CHIEF OF DEPARTMENT,(FIRE DEPARTMENT) 326373.19 326373.19 2011 NaN 134401.60 9737.00 182234.59 NaN 2011-01-01

in: df2=df.groupby(['JobTitle'])['TotalPay'].mean()
out: pandas.core.series.Series

I want df2 to be a dataframe with the columns 'JobTitle' and 'TotalPlay'

Answer Source

Breaking down your code:

df2 = df.groupby(['JobTitle'])['TotalPay'].mean()

The groupby is fine. It's the ['TotalPay'] that is the misstep. That is telling the groupby to only execute the the mean function on the pd.Series df['TotalPay'] for each group defined in ['JobTitle']. Instead, you want to refer to this column with [['TotalPay']]. Notice the double brackets. Those double brackets say pd.DataFrame.


df2 = df2=df.groupby(['JobTitle'])[['TotalPay']].mean()
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