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Laravel 5.5 login and register page says:The page has expired due to inactivity.[TokenMismatchException]

I just created a new project of laravel version 5.5 with the laravel installer.And run the command "php artisan make:auth".The views and controller are generated for the user authentication.And also run "php artisan migrate" to create tables needed in the database.When visiting the login page and register page,filling the form and submit.It shows "The page has expired due to inactivity. Please refresh and try again.".But refreshing the page does nothing help.
Seen in the source code,where causes the exception:

if ($e instanceof ModelNotFoundException) {
$e = new NotFoundHttpException($e->getMessage(), $e);
} elseif ($e instanceof AuthorizationException) {
$e = new AccessDeniedHttpException($e->getMessage());
} elseif ($e instanceof TokenMismatchException) {
$e = new HttpException(419, $e->getMessage());

It seems "TokenMismatchException" causing this problem.
When did this happen?And why?I just create this new project and did not do any other changes.
Hope you got the points.
I use php 7.1.9(laravel 5.5 requires php > 7.0.0).And serve the project in develop environment with:php artisan serve

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I had the same problem on localhost:8000 (php artisan serve). Maybe it's coincidence, but try on "clean browser" , other than you used with previous development. For me it worked.

It seems that the problem is with cookies from development with previous Laravel versions, on the same url.

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