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How do I test XML equality in Ruby?

Clearly I need to (a) convert both strings to canonical XML or (b) compare their parse-trees. The following doesn't work because the document object returned doesn't have a sensible


Nokogiri.XML(doc_a) == Nokogiri.XML(doc_b)

Nor does the following, because Nokogiri's
leaves some internal whitespace:

Nokogiri.XML(doc_a).to_xml == Nokogiri.XML(doc_b).to_xml

This is a reasonable approximation of equality (and will work for most cases), but it's not quite right:

Nokogiri.XML(doc_a).to_xml.squeeze(' ') == Nokogiri.XML(doc_b).to_xml.squeeze(' ')

I'm already using Nokogiri, so I'd prefer to stick with it, but I'll use whatever library works.

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Answer Source

If you are looking for structural equality and don't care about the order of tags and attributes, probably the xml-simple library is a good choice. It converts the xml into ruby's data structures (hashes and lists) which can be safely compared with the == operator.

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