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How to override static variables from inehirted derived classes in typescript

I'd like to have the the static implementation of a static method use the derived class's value. For example, in the simple example below, when I call

I want it to use the overridden tableName
when executing the implementation defined in the base class SqlModel.

How do I make sure that the base classes static tableName uses 'User' and is this the right way of essentially declaring an abstract static property?

class SqlModel {

protected static tableName:string;

protected _id:number;
get id():number {
return this._id;




public static findById(id:number) {
return knex(tableName).where({id: id}).first();


export class User extends SqlModel {

static tableName = 'User';


constructor(username){ = username;

And I would get an error saying tablename is not defined, but if I say SqlModel.tableName then it doesn't use the derived classes table name

User.findById(1); //should call the knex query with the tablename 'User'

Answer Source

You can use this.tableName:

class SqlModel {
    protected static tableName: string;

    public static outputTableName() {

class User extends SqlModel {
    protected static tableName = 'User';

User.outputTableName(); // outputs "User"
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