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Javascript Question

Pass object to javascript function

I have recently been messing around with jQuery on my website, and I have a fairly limited knowledge of Javascript. I am beginning to like the jQuery ability to pass variables to a jQuery function inside the curly braces, like so:

$(somediv).animate({thisisone: 1, thisistwo: 2}, thisisavar);

What I was wondering is how I can write a Javascript function that I can pass items to inside the curly braces? I know you can write functions like this:

function someName(var1, var2, var3...) {


but that doesn't support the braces? I also know that you can add no arguments and do this:

function accident() {
for( var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++ ) {
alert("This accident was caused by " + arguments[i]);
accident("me","a car","alcohol","a tree that had no right to be in the path of my driving");

but I also want to pass outside variables instead of just a whole line of strings, if that makes sense?

Basically, I want a function that I can pass variables to, like so:

function myFunction(neededcodehere){
//Some code here...

myFunction (var1, {"Option 1", "Option 2", "Option 3"}, anothervar);

Answer Source

The "braces" are making an object literal, i.e. they create an object. It is one argument.


function someFunc(arg) {

someFunc({foo: "This", bar: "works!"});

You can create the object beforehand has well:

var someObject = {
    foo: "This", 
    bar: "works!"


I recommend to read the MDN JavaScript Guide - Working with Objects.

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