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Recombine groupby rollling sum with original pandas DataFrame

I have a pandas DataFrame of the form:

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame({
'a': [1,2,3,4,5,6],
'b': [0,1,0,1,0,1]

I want to group the data by the value of 'b' and add new column 'c' which contains a rolling sum of 'a' for each group, then I want to recombine all the groups back into an ungrouped DataFrame which contains the 'c' column. I have got as far as:

for i, group in df.groupby('b'):
group['c'] = group.a.rolling(

But there are several problems with this approach:

  • Operating on each group using a for loop feels like it is going to be slow for a large DataFrame (like my actual data)

  • I can't find an elegant way to save column 'c' for each group and add it back to the original DataFrame. I could append c for each group to an array, zip it with an analagous index array, etc. but that seems very hacky. Is there a built-in pandas method that I am missing here?

Answer Source

If using groupby is a must then, you could go with groupby.apply to compute all in one go instead:

df['c'] = df.groupby('b')['a'].apply(lambda x: x.rolling(2, min_periods=1).sum())

Starting with v0.19.1, you can directly call rolling()/expanding() methods on groupby objects as shown:

df['c'] = df.groupby('b').rolling(2, min_periods=1)['a'].sum().sortlevel(1).values

Both giving you :-


enter image description here

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