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Change space between div tags in CSS

I have a website in which I want to change the space between some elements. I don't know much about CSS. I am a newbie to it. You can see the website here.This is now on a temporary domain name :

  1. I want to reduce the space between logo and main menu1...Home..Add a Listing..I have to move it up by a small distance.

  2. I also want to move the search box up in the line of the Main Menu1.

  3. I want to move up the Featured Listing up near the earth's photo 4 px distance should be enough. Listing Categories move Up close to Featured Listings 2 px distance..

Can anybody guide me how to do this ?

Here are the Common.css and Style.css files..

Download Common.css Style.css

Image :

I can't paste the files here...I don't know how to...Please download the files for me and provide me the solution!

Answer Source

I seen your css. In that padding: 7px 10px 10px; making space between menu and logo, and also you were mention height also. reduce the padding and also margin-top property.

better post your codes

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