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Can't attach Android Studio's debugger to Android process

I can't attach Android Studio's debugger to my debuggable application process. Anyone else had this issue? Basically I can't get my app listed in

Choose Process

I'm selecting
Attach debugger to Android process

Attach debugger to Android process

And then, here's how
Process selection
dialog from Android Studio looks like:

No app is in the list to be debugged

Any ideas why my app is not shown in the
Choose Process

sees my app in
Devices | logcat

<code>Devices | logcat</code> list

Android Monitor
also sees the app in

Android Monitor | Devices list

I've tried these actions:

  • Restarting

  • Restarting devices: tried with
    Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100
    (4.3) and
    Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Reenabling
    Settings->Developer Options
    on the devices

  • Reenabling
    Settings->Developer Options->USB debugging
    on the devices

  • Restarting
    by running
    adb kill-server
    adb start-server

  • Reconnecting device from macbook and/or plugging to another USB port

  • Launching Genymotion virtual device on macbook

  • restarting in TCP mode port: 5555
    by running
    adb tcpip 5555
    and then connecting to it with
    adb connect

  • Waiting more
    when got this error saying
    ADB not responding. You can wait more, or kill "adb" process manually and click 'Restart'
    Errors in ADB:
    ddms: '$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools/adb,start-server' failed -- run manually if necessary
    Error screenshot


What I've noticed is that device appears multiple times in the
Android DDMS
Devices | logcat
list. If I choose 1st device from the list, it shows, there's
No debuggable applications
, but I select last device (4th in the screenshot) I see my debuggable application. See screenshots: 1st and 4th. Although, even there's only 1 device in the list and showing debuggable device and application, process still does not appear in the
Choose Process

Answer Source

So finally I got it working, by:

Checking 'Show all processes' checkbox!

BUT as you see in the question, checkbox was on at the beginning, so there were multiple issues.

To summarize, these are other actions to be done:

  • Kill all adb processes (use ps -x | grep adb and kill -9 [process id])
  • adb start-server in terminal
  • Reconnect device
  • adb devices (to make sure device is connected successfully)
  • Make sure Android DDMS Devices | logcat shows your app and only one device is listed.
  • Check Show all processes checkbox. See screenshot
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